To help you run more efficiently, faster and without any pain, we created our Running Space Assessment & Program. We examine the way your body moves as you run, because it’s this knowledge that allows us to help you recover quickly from any existing injuries and prevent potential future issues. Our experienced physios often find that small changes to your running technique can have you running better with little effort and more efficiency.

Some of the frequent injuries we have observed in runners include:

– Hip, knee, ankle and foot pains.
– Lower back pain, stress fractures and shin splints.
– Plantar fasciitis, hip bursitis and iliotibial band injuries.
– Patella tendonitis and Achilles tendon pain.

If any of these injuries or pains are something you experience while running, then our physios at The Running Space in Coogee are ready to give you an accurate diagnosis and an individualised program to get you back to where you want to be – running pain free!


As a specialist running physio clinic, we commence our assessment by taking a complete history of your running. This includes any previous and current injuries, how often you run and the distances you cover, as well as the goals you want to achieve. Then we assess how your body moves when you run and how you run, checking your foot stroke, cadence, stride length, flexibility, strength, alignment and many more features of your running gait.

Your running gait assessment is performed by a video analysis on a treadmill at our clinic and also in your usual running environment. This is because you run differently on a treadmill, as opposed to a running track, park or path. To get the most out of our Running Assessments Program, we like to observe how and where you normally run too. Since a technique that helps one runner optimise their running might hinder another runner’s performance, we create individualised programs for each of our clients.


To run faster and more efficiently, you need a good running technique. To achieve this goal, we take you through a series of active based sessions where we work through improving running mechanics in the form of various drills and run specific strength work. These drills build the three main components of a good running technique: front side mechanics, ground strike and heel recovery. Our Running Space Program not only optimises your body’s mechanics when running but even helps translate to any other sport or strength work you may also be doing.

We then write you a tailored and progressive program. This includes a strength plan specific for you, targeting the deficits we found during your Running Space Assessment. Additionally, we help create a weekly running program to help build you up to the distances and pace you wish to be running to ensure you don’t overload and risk re-injury.

If you want more information about BeFit Training Physio’s Running Space Assessments & Programs in Coogee or want to book an appointment, send us an email, book online or call us on 0413195606 for more information.